1996 - 2001
Capitol Hill Art League, Washington DC, U.S.A.

4 - 25 octobre, Landscapes of the Mind
Juge Reid Baron, Publisher of Galleries Magazine
Juge Deborah Gray is in the Art production department of Galleries Magazine.

13 - 27 septembre, New Art, New Ideas
Juge Roberto Bocci, Professor of Photography at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

4 - 28 mai, Still Life with Food
Juge Christopher Madden, Banknote Engraver, U.S. Department of Treasury.

4 - 28 janvier, Favorites from the 20th Century
Juge Debra Pincus, independant scholar and guest curator,
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.
Best in show award

4 - 28 novembre, The Sounds of Silence
Juge Terrie Sultan, Curator of Contemporary Art, Corcoran Gallery of Art.

4 - 28 mars, Artists’ favorites
Juge Walter Kravitz, Painter & Sculptor,
Professor George Mason University, Washington DC.

4 - 28 février, Picasso-esque
Juge Jean Cohen, Art Critic and Writer "WHERE" Magazine.

4 - 28 mai, My Mother, Myself
Juge Judy Greenberg, Director, The Kreeger Museum.

4 - 28 avril, The Good Earth
Juge Reid Baron, Galleries Magazine.
Juge Deborah Gray, Artist.

4 - 28 mars
Juge Don Kimes, Chair, Department of Fine Arts, American University,
Washington DC.

4 - 28 avril, Artists’ favorites
Juge Joan Danziger, Sculptor and President of the Washington Sculpture Group.

30 janvier - 1er mars, Rythms
Juge Starmanda Bullock, Professor of Art, Howard University.

4 - 26 janvier
Juge Christopher French, Interim Director, Washington Project for the Art.